Car Seat Ponchos

The perfect cool weather accessory for your child! Our car seat ponchos will grow with your child!

Car Seat ponchos are soft, warm and SAFE! The ponchos eliminate the struggle to keep your child warm while travelling in the car in cool weather. They are designed to allow for your child to be safely buckled into their car seat without any bulk interfering with the straps. Simply flip the back of the poncho up over their seat behind them so that their backs are directly against their car seat, and harness underneath the front of the poncho! You can easily take your child in and out of their carseat while running errands in cool weather!

Our car seat ponchos can be custom designed! We typically use two layers of fleece for warmth, as well as integrated pulls in the arms that allow you to adjust the length of the poncho as your child grows! Velcro is integrated on the sides, allowing you to create "arm holes" for your child.