Nest FAQs

What is a Nest?

 A Nest is a safe, clean, and familiar place that you can place your baby or toddler any time you need your hands free!


Who is a Nest for?

A Nest is for everyone!
Babies and young children LOVE the security and comfort that a Nest provides, and parents love knowing their child is safe and comfortable!
The baby size Nest is perfect for newborns through 1 year of age! It is designed to have a somewhat snug fit, to mimic the comforting and secure feel of a hug! The resting space measures approximately 10” wide by 27” long.
The toddler size Nest can be used from age 9 months and up! As your child grows, open the footwell for additional length! The resting space measures approximately 14” wide by 35” long.

How do you use a Nest?

A Nest can be used almost anywhere you can imagine!
  • Safe & Soft place to lay your child when you need your hands free
  • Familiar and Clean resting space for your baby
  • Nests can be used for supervised naps
  • Extremely portable – bring your Nest almost anywhere, even outside!
  • Raised edges are ideal as a tummy time bolster
  • Soft and protective space for your baby to learn how to sit unassisted
  • Perfect space to relax and watch cartoons or to curl up with a book!
  • Let your child’s imagination run wild as they pretend the Nest is a boat!
  • Toddlers love using a Nest to help them transition from a crib to a toddler bed

Nest Features & Comparison to Popular Brand Products

Our Nests are similar in purpose and intended use as some of the popular brands, however there are several features that set our Nests apart, and in our opinion, above the others!
  • The resting space of our baby and toddler size Nests is longer by several inches – this translates to your child fitting into the Nest longer and thus the ability to use the product longer!
  • Fully enclosed footwell for safety.
  • Ability to be opened up as your child grows, providing extra length as they become taller
  • Fully reversible! One side is 100% breathable cotton while the reverse is a luxuriously soft minky fleece. Babies and children LOVE this soft material!
  • Easy to clean! (See the section on Nest Care for more information!)
  • When you purchase our Nest, you are supporting a small, locally owned business!